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Pin to Win Pork

How do you Celebrate 1,000,000 Meals Donated?

March 24, 2014 , , , , , , , , , ,

Sometimes I evaluate my life and how much time I spend at my job and I ask if I’m really making a difference?  Of course there’s always my duty to share the life changing message that #PinkPork is safe and more enjoyable, but is there anything deeper that I do? In 2009 some farmers challenged […]

10 day old piglet

Pig Farmer Pictures – #Felfie Part 2

March 17, 2014

What do pig farmers actually do all day?  We put the ask out earlier and got these #felfies (farmer selfies).  Seeing these farmers in action was so popular we asked for more and here’s what we got this time:   Checking on the new baby pigs. Learn more about the Stateler Family on their Facebook page. […]

Bacon is Raised Responsibly

14 Things You Really Need to Know About Your Bacon

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1. Bacon is amazing. Why? Because its bacon. On more scientific terms, it probably tastes great because it doesn’t taste like anything else. The slightly sweet, almost caramel, and salty cure along with the smoky wood flavor is very alluring. The flavor flatters savory dishes and compliments sweets as well. Ever notice that when bacon […]