There is no harmful antibiotic reside in the pork on your plate.

Are there antibiotics in bacon?

Ok, so we all want to “eat fresh,” but what’s with all this talk about “antibiotic free this” and “antibiotic free that”?

There is no harmful antibiotic reside in the pork on your plate.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about knowing what’s in my food – in fact, I prefer it that way. The truth is, though, many people are concerned with antibiotics in their food…they’re just not really sure why.

With so many places to gather information on your food and how it’s raised, it is crucial to keep an open line of communication and allow yourself to take in information from all angles and make and informed decision about what you’re comfortable with. Just know the facts. 

For me, it’s simple. Farmers are trained to raise pigs, veterinarians are trained to keep pigs healthy (yes, sometimes by administering antibiotics), and food inspectors are trained to ensure we have a safe and wholesome food supply. I’ll let them keep on keeping on. And me – well, I’ll keep eating bacon…and ham…and pork chops…and steak…and burgers…and chicken……………..

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