Bacon Farmer #Felfie

I sent a note to bacon farmers all over Ohio asking them to e-mail me a #felfie (farmer selfie) along with a couple sentences about what they were doing in the picture or what they wanted to share about agriculture.  Here are the responses that we got:

tom inside his pig barn

Tom inside his barn, double checking the pigs.

pig farmer in farrowing room

This is John. He is a pig farmer with a #felfie in his farrowing or birthing room in the barn.

 John wanted to share how warm and toasty the pigs are in this section of the barn.  The farrowing or birthing area is kept very warm all winter long so the pigs will grow as comfortably as possibly.  And check out those walls and ceiling…that’s pretty clean for a barn wouldn’t you say?

Alan in birthing room

Alan in the farrowing or birthing room.

Alan and John are both taking care of baby pigs.  Look at the cleanliness of this barn too.  Pretty neat to see how clean pig barns are inside!

Here is Alan’s YouTube Channel.

Farmer Neil felfie in skid loader

Farmer Neil takes a felfie in his skid loader

Neil shared that he is providing expert animal care.  Sometimes that means getting up early and plowing snow with an open air skid loader so a truck can deliver feed or propane to his pig barns and get in and out of the driveway safely.  Even when it is below zero.

Here is Neil’s YouTube channel.

Neil may have gotten frostbite in the name of sharing his #felfie.  Now that’s dedication.  Thank you!

Farmer Chuck felfie in skid loader

Chuck prepares to get in his skid loader to clear a way to the pig barn.

Chuck shared that he spends about half a day pushing snow in bad weather. First to get to the pig barns to make sure every thing is working properly and that the animals are fine, and secondly, to provide access for feed trucks, propane trucks, and other delivery and service vehicles.

Here is Chuck’s YouTube Channel.

Thanks a bunch to the brave farmers for sharing #felfies.  Please let us know what you think!



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