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How do you Celebrate 1,000,000 Meals Donated?

Sometimes I evaluate my life and how much time I spend at my job and I ask if I’m really making a difference?  Of course there’s always my duty to share the life changing message that #PinkPork is safe and more enjoyable, but is there anything deeper that I do?

In 2009 some farmers challenged me with the idea of coordinating a pork donation program to Ohio foodbanks.  And working for people like that makes the job a lot better!  So I learned about the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and worked with them as well as the Ohio Association of Meat Processors.  The Meat Processors group asked their members to process the pork at a reduced rate, the Assocation of Foodbanks paid for the processing costs.

The most exciting part to me is that farmers all over Ohio offered to donate pigs, like a lot of pigs.  Growing up on a pig farm helped me appreciate that pigs were my family’s paycheck, therefore I understood that these farmers were donating their income to help others.

The excitement kept rolling when other agriculture groups like Farm Credit Mid-America and the Ohio Corn Marketing Program donated money to help provide Ohio-raised pork, processed by Ohio processors which are mostly family businesses, to Ohio families in need.

So what’s the status of these efforts now?  One million, that’s 1,000,000 meals of pork donated in the past five years! 

Here at the Pork Council that calls for a celebration!  And we’re planning to celebrate with all of our closest Facebook friends and Pinterest followers by giving away $500 of groceries (that we trust the winner will use on pork products because it’s the only ethical thing to do).

Pin to Win Pork

Enter to win $500 in groceries when you Pin for Pork. #PinkPork

Here’s the link to our Pin-To-Win contest

Now go forth and join the celebration by thinking pink!  Deep pink (okay maybe reddish, but work with me here) like the color of a giving heart donating pork to foodbanks!  And pink like a blush of pink in the center of a perfectly cooked pork chop!

You can support these generous Ohio farmers by buying pork in Ohio.  There’s a good chance that the pork you buy in the grocery store or at the restaurant started at one of their farms!

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Hitched to my best friend Joe, aka the turkey farmer. Proud mama. Non recovering porkaholic. Appreciative of the farm life. Follower of Jesus.

9 thoughts on “How do you Celebrate 1,000,000 Meals Donated?

  1. “GOD bless the pork producers.” Pork is my favorite white me…What would life be like without crispy bacon? What would life be like without nice juicy pork chops? What would life be without sausage and sausage gravy? Life would be just down right pitiful!

  2. Pork BEATS OUT, all meats, with venison running in 2nd place.. whats better than grilling outdoors with pork, or a BLT for any time of day….

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