how to bake bacon

How to Make Perfect Bacon

How do you prepare PERFECT bacon? Everyone’s got their own trick, it seems. I grew up frying bacon in a pan on top of the stove, but I’ve since learned baking bacon in the oven is just as tasty and a lot less messy.  At first, I put the bacon directly on the cookie sheet, then a friend encouraged me to use a baking rack on top of the baking sheet; the additional height allowed room for the bacon grease to drop down on the cookie sheet.

Traditional bacon, pictured here, takes about 13 minutes in a 375º oven.  Thick cut bacon takes longer.  I bake the bacon until it is more golden in appearance.

how to bake bacon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and bake bacon for 12 – 18 minutes until desired doneness.

Here are some bacon facts that often interest pork connoisseurs:

Bacon comes from the pork belly.  Once the belly has been cured and smoked it becomes bacon.  The taste of bacon can vary because of how it is smoked, the thickness to which it is cut and how it is prepared.

Each pack of bacon is unique.  This little window on the back of your bacon is to allow you to visually examine the bacon and meat to fat ratio inside the package.

Most of your bacon is raised right here on farms in the Midwest and cared for by families on their farms.

Please visit the ASK page on for more information about bacon and the people who make it happen!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Perfect Bacon

  1. I have a few questions ! First off do you sell hogs/ half hogs for roasting ? If so what your prices round about? And I’m wanting to do an in-ground roaster , do you have tips or tricks to assure this hog comes out Delicious ! Thank you in advanced ! If you want to contact my number is (614)302-8121 ! Thank you again

    1. Hey Zachary! We’re a small non-profit office dedicated to promoting pork and serving Ohio’s pig farmers. We do not sell pigs or pork through our office. One idea would be to contact your local butcher, as they can, a lot of times, provide you with the names of some farmers who may be interested in selling direct. As far as cooking tips go, the number one most important thing to remember when cooking pork is proper cooking temperature. Pork cooked to 145ºF, internal temp, will be tender, juicy and safe to eat with a blush of pink in the center!

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