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The Life & Times of Jen – A non-recovering Porkaholic

I’ve recently moved and come across some old, forgotten stuff.  Contained within in the treasures was a college scholarship essay.  Key points from that essay you might find relevant include the fact that I grew up on a pig, dairy and crop farm and that my future career goals included working for a commodity organization like pork or dairy to promote the food our family raises while staying involved in the farm to some degree.

Then in a random turn of events my mom gave me this picture.

Kid wonder

I got an early start promoting pork!

Then I put it on my Facebook page and the best caption that a friend offered was, “Dreams really do come true!”

My family volunteered at a pork promotion and I was there to pass out “pork what a good idea” stickers.  An occasional on the job training event pictured above, serving as a county pork queen intertwined with countless opportunities to shovel pig manure on the family farm may have been unofficial prerequisites for my job.

I graduated from the Ohio State University in 2003 and got hired in late 2004 at the Ohio Pork Producers Council as the Director of Marketing and Education.

I’m pretty proud of my highly energetic, overly verbose kindergartner aka The Little Farmer.  He’s been observed as being really good or a really big pain in the butt.  Some might say that’s hereditary on my side.

Nearly anyone that has spent more than ten minutes with me (on the job or off) can testify that I enjoy talking about pork.  It began as a job thing, but then I realized that some people were kind of interested in what I had to say.  Then I realized they were interested because I was helping change their life in positive ways (more meal options, more entertaining ideas, better informed about food).  Then I realized that people just don’t talk about pork as much as they should.  Then I realized that I could take advantage of this lack of pork talk to make the world a funnier and better place all at once, so I did.  And just like all other non-recovering porkaholics, I just keep on talking…with whoever wants to talk about pork and the farmers that raise it.

About Jennifer

Hitched to my best friend Joe, aka the turkey farmer. Proud mama. Non recovering porkaholic. Appreciative of the farm life. Follower of Jesus.

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