how to make the best cheesy sausage dip

How-to make cheesy-licious sausage dip

how to make the best cheesy sausage dip

This crowd-pleasing dip only has 3 ingredients. It’s so easy and comes out so yummy, everyone will be crowding around the bowl with their chips!

The very first step – brown your pork sausage. So cook the sausage in a skillet over medium heat, then transfer it to the slow cooker.

Add your chopped processed cheese and a jar of salsa, then set your slow cooker to high for about an hour.

Done!  Grab your tortilla chips and enjoy this way-too-easy dip!

Tip: If you like your nachos fiery hot, add spicy canned tomatoes and chopped jalepeno peppers to the slow cooker. 

125 x 125 headshotPost written by: Annie Shultz

Annie is a parenting, technology & lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. She is a seasoned public speaker from AgChat, to Bayer Crop Science Food Media Forum, and a resource for beginning bloggers. She lives in Kansas with her 3 children, husband, chickens and dog.  You can find her online on Twitter (@MamaDweeb) or on her blog 

3 thoughts on “How-to make cheesy-licious sausage dip

  1. Thanks Ohio pork farmers for everything you do! It’s hard work! Now if only I could afford what the stores chg us for even pork steak! Only able to get it couple times a yr. Love your recipe, you can also add a pkg of taco seasoning or a jar of taco sauce! Super yum-o! Thanks!

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