Ohio Pork's Top Five Back to School Recipes

Ohio Pork’s Top Five Back to School Recipes

Ohio Pork's Top Five Back to School Recipes

Disclaimer: I am not a parent and do not necessarily know the ins and outs of what it takes to get kids really excited about supper time. However, I am married to a schoolteacher and greatly enjoy macaroni and cheese (the kind shaped like cartoon characters are the best), so I feel like I can level up with youngsters heading back to school, in terms of what tastes good after a day of hitting the books.

With all the hustle and running around involved with back to school activities, time is limited. Here are five pretty simple kid-approved recipes that will keep everyone smiling, until it’s time for homework!

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Cheesy Ham and MacaroniCheesy Ham & Macaroni
A creamy combination of cheese, ham and macaroni. Make cooking a fun family activity and invite the kids to help prepare this cheesy masterpiece. 

Pork QuesadillasPork Quesadillas
Perfect for a casual family supper, or any party occasion. 

Crushed Cracker PorkBottom of the Box Crushed Cracker Pork
A great quick & easy finger food to serve with your favorite dipping sauce like ranch dressing or barbecue sauce.

Pork Pot PiesPork Pot Pies
Warm things up with these simple and savory pork pot pies.

Pulled Pork Baked PotatoPulled Pork Baked Potato
Serve these hearty gems as a side dish or a main dish.

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