10 day old piglet

Pig Farmer Pictures – #Felfie Part 2

What do pig farmers actually do all day?  We put the ask out earlier and got these #felfies (farmer selfies).  Seeing these farmers in action was so popular we asked for more and here’s what we got this time:   Checking on the new baby pigs.

Checking on the new baby pigs.

Learn more about the Stateler Family on their Facebook page.

In the pig pen

In the pig pen checking on the pigs

Neil says, “Expert animal care involves paying attention to the animals eyes and ears and body language, this will tell you if they’re feeling healthy.  Sometimes you’ve got to get down to their level.”

pig barn chores

Doing daily chores inside a pig barn

Kyle’s family named their farm “Maken Bacon Farms.”  Kyle shared, “I am doing my daily chores checking the pigs, feed, water and environment.  It was -5 degrees outside and 70 degrees inside at the time the pic was taken.”


10 day old piglet

This piglet is 10 days old

Emma loves this little guy since he is red and matches her hair color.  She raises pigs for 4-H and to show at the fair!

cross bred herd boar

This is a cross bred herd boar named Tripp.

Stacy shared this picture which was taken on Easter in 2013.

Christmas in a pig barn

Christmas morning in the farrowing house.

Sam shared this picture which was taken on Christmas morning at the farrowing house.  He said, “In my family we always have to wait until all the chores are done to begin opening presents.”

baby pigs in farrowing stalls

John in the birthing room or farrowing house

John is on a daily mission to check feeders, waterers, temperature in the barn and make sure all of it is working properly.  He ALWAYS (emphasis came from the wife) checks the pigs to make sure they are all looking healthy!!!

Here at the Ohio Pork Council we’re excited about the diversity of farmers that we get to work for, so we’re proud to share another round of #felfies.

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