What do Pigs Eat?

What do Pigs Eat?

We (myself and the rest of the fine folks here at the Ohio Pork Council) get more than our fair share of questions about recipes, cooking with pork, getting the most out of a grocery budget, etc. That’s great! We love to talk pork!

We also get TONS of questions about farming and how pigs are raised. So, naturally maybe, many people want to take their questions a step deeper and find out what their food eats, asking, “What do pigs eat?” These questions are awesome too. Pigs rock! What do Pigs Eat? Just a few months ago, I read an article citing that pigs eat garbage, broken glass and syringes. That could be on the list of the most blatantly inaccurate statements I’ve ever heard made. While this creative spin on a pig’s diet was relatively hard to pass (pun intended HA), we took this as an opportunity to have a little fun telling the story of what pigs really do eat.

Now, there are many different ways to feed pigs. Most pigs eat a diet of corn and soybeans. Some pigs are raised on pasture. And, some eat a combination of the two.

Pigs do not eat:
- pizza
- soap
- glass
- syringes
- sushi
- Volkswagens

We had a lot of fun making this video about what pigs really eat, but we weren’t alone. Our friends over at Ohio Corn were real excited about watching pigs eat and then talking about it, (it’s kind of what we do.) Corn and soybean farmers are proud to work with pig farmers. In fact, farm animals are the number one consumer of corn and soybeans. Have a question about pigs, pork or farming? Check out our “Ask” page and let us know. We’ll work with farmers and industry experts to find the information you’re looking for.

Until next time, Q

About Quinton

Hi! I’m Quinton, director of communications for the Ohio Pork Council….probably better known as the voice of the Ohio Hog Farmers Facebook page. I’m way into Pigs, Cows, Cameras and Food!

4 thoughts on “What do Pigs Eat?

  1. Hmmm…no news here to me, it was pretty obvious what they eat from the quite-familiar expression (in OH) ‘corn-hog farm’. Thought I’d check it out see if any thing’s different, and actually was a little surprised to hear pigs sometimes go out to pasture to eat (is that why pork seems to be a leaner meat than I remember from youth?)

    1. Hey Ralph – While some farmers do raise their pigs on pasture, the vast majority of pigs are raised inside barns, eating diets of corn and soybeans. Pork is leaner than what you might remember due to a variety of reasons…There was a demand for a leaner, healthier pork, so, through genetics and nutrition, farmers made that available.
      Good question!

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