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The Buckeye Bacon Bash – Are You Ready?

So, we’ve been talking about the Buckeye Bacon Bash a lot lately, right? Yeah. Well, it’s no wonder…because it’s going to be epic. We’re talking about a celebration of bacon, complete with craft beer, giveaways, live music, bacon, a mechanical pig, free samples, bacon, a bounce house, and bacon. What else do you need?

The Ohio Pork Council, Sugardale, 92.3WCOL, ColumbusAlive.com and the Dispatch Media Group are proudly sponsoring this celebration of bacon and can’t wait to share in the excitement with you!

Not sure the Buckeye Bacon Bash is your thing? Click here or keep reading for more information OR take the easy quiz below.

Buckeye Bacon Bash
We’re pumped about the vendors we’ve got coming to the Buckeye Bacon Bash. They’ll have special bacon dishes for you to purchase with your Bacon Bucks, and they’ve also promised to throw plenty of extra product in the truck, so count on some FREE SAMPLES!
Here’s who we know is coming loaded with pork so far:

• Pig of the Month BBQ
• Sugardale
• Schmidt’s
• Hansom Hog
• Sweet Caroline Boutique
• Hippie and the Farmer
• Rambling House Soda
• Pork Checkoff
• The Ohio Pork Council
• Queen City Sausage

After all that glorious bacon, you’re bound to be thirsty, which is exactly why the folks from Actual Brewing Company will be at the Buckeye Bacon Bash to tell you all you need to know about their beers, while Scioto Downs serves Actual’s Magnon IPA on tap next to a variety of other special beers from Brew Brothers.

The Bacon Bash will feature live entertainment from popular musical acts John Schwab, the Jonalee White Trio and DoubleCut. Attendees will also have a chance to meet Ohio bacon farmers and chat about where there bacon comes from! The Buckeye Bacon Bash is sure to give people exactly what they really want – BACON!

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Hi! I’m Quinton, director of communications for the Ohio Pork Council….probably better known as the voice of the Ohio Hog Farmers Facebook page. I’m way into Pigs, Cows, Cameras and Food!

2 thoughts on “The Buckeye Bacon Bash – Are You Ready?

  1. Bacon is one of my most favorite foods. I love it by itself, on a sandwich with tomatoes, wrapped around Jalapeno peppers that are stuffed with cheese, in a biscuit, crumbled on top of a bowl of potato soup, crumbled in a salad, as a snack, and many more uses for bacon. It is a great meal starter. I would even raise a few of those little bacon bits for you guys if it meant I could get more bacon.

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